Here you will find everything you need to achieve your clarinet goals.

Learning a new instrument is much easier when you do it right the first time!


Topics around the clarinet:



in progress:

  • Improvisation for classics
  • Intonation
  • Practicing correctly - but effectively!
  • Clarinet repair
  • Double tonging
  • Permanent breathing
  • Klezmer - all techniques
  • Find your sound
  • Audition training
  • Stage fright - get rid of it!

and more...





Learn clarinet

with the Miles-Method

Easy and effective!

(in progress)


A course that takes you step by step through the world of the clarinet. 


From the first beginning to Mozart, Brahms, Gershwin, Piazzolla and more. 

"All aspects of the clarinet in one place, finally! And all within easy reach.

The perfect global clarinet center!"

Ege Banaz, bass clarinetist of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein

What is it about? An overview:

Achieve your clarinet goals

In the tutorials you will find answers, help and exercises for (almost) all topics around the clarinet. Also, more and more classical playalongs will be added so you don't have to play alone. The first piece will be the clarinet concerto by Mozart.  With full orchestra instrumentation!

And soon they will appear:


Step-by-Step lessons


An online course that will take you from the very beginning to becoming a professional clarinetist!