Air & Breathing - System

The key to almost everything


Four videos, 38 minutes in total.

For Boehm and German system.


Video 1 - Love greetings to your body

What is breath support?
And body tension...?
a sound that enchants
Do you have to be big and strong??
the perfect blowing resistance
reeds, pressure point and blowing angle


Video 2 - the most important comes now

the most important exercise
Attention intonation!
Lung capacity and the ingenious breathing exercise
air speed
the "paper exercise


Video 3 - the most common mistake

the most common mistake
Planning and organization of breathing 
Where to breathe?
Example "The shepherd on the rock"


Video 4 - your body

Muscle training & fitness
Less is more - but regularly
the "natural" strength

16,00 Euro